Will plugging in an SD card into the Acer netbook with XP act like readyboost does on a vista machine. We’ve added this product to our database but we haven’t actually tested it yet. Posted on Sep 12, No bluetooth on acer aspire one ZG5. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Well, that means theres a footnote at the bottom of the page in fine print, and it seems to imply in the footnote that only certain models of the D have BT.

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Did the Bluetooth thing with my … Works great — thanks to tnkgrl!!!

I found on qrpcw. We can’t tell you the pros acer aspire one zg5 bluetooth cons because we haven’t reviewed it yet. With a little work, I was able to get the middle tab above the F8 key realigned and extended through the little slot so it would engage the keyboard. No bluetooth on acer aspire one ZG5.

While you have the device apart you might as well go ahead and install some extra memory the acer aspire one zg5 bluetooth this thing can handle is 1.

Any ideas on how I can get another one of those pieces that I broke?

SOLVED: How to turn on bluetooth on acer aspire one zg5 – Fixya

Netbooks im Livestream – Forum des Virtual Racing. Igot a question, please respond to this one: Just checked bluettooth on the battery…70 quid! How to alienate your biggest zzg5 I have called Acer yet again and it seems that theyre acer aspire one zg5 bluetooth trying to play dumb, or just giving the runaround.

I tryied to bios update, reinstalled the system but nothing helps. However, when I removed the keyboard during disassembly. Thanks for any help!

Tech support was absolutely no help whatsoever. I screwed around with this tab for a long time. Took a while to figure out how acer aspire one zg5 bluetooth get some of the Canon software working by changing the monitor settings, but now it works quite well.

Adding Bluetooth to your Acer Aspire One Netbook!

But for some reason it stops after getting to the start up level. It is Qcer 2. My Bluetooth mod should acer aspire one zg5 bluetooth with this other version as well.

Got a few questions though- Firstly, will the bluetooth mod work with Linux installed? Do you know if there is a wireless card with N and Bluetooth zg can be swapped out for the wireless card in my Acer Aspire One h? This has always been a vexing issue acer aspire one zg5 bluetooth me, i had the same issues getting BT to work under XP and Vista as well.

Does Acer Aspire One netbook D have BlueTooth? – Windows 7 Help Forums

The jewel of this install is in the use of an old USB extension cable to create an internal port which makes it a bit more future proof I can upgrade the module at any point by simply connecting a bluetooth device also the placement on the bottom side allows me to position aspirre female USB connector directly under the access panel for easy access without dis-assembly of the laptop.

Firewire, even if aspirw were not operating at full speed would be useful also for an M-Audio Firewire for audio recording. You cannot really get at this tab because of a piece of clear plastic that is used to transmit light from LEDs on the MoBo to the indicators on the rounded bar above the F1 through F3 keys.

I unknowingly pushed two of acer aspire one zg5 bluetooth three keyboard retention clips above the F2 and Acer aspire one zg5 bluetooth keys in too far. This is a great mod. See here aspkre more info: First off, I can’t see how to boot into Android other than selecting an option that makes it boot to Android every time. It has Win7 Starter and Android.

Its aced to see how much of self engineering goes in to this tiny laptop. Has anyone successfully used a wireless card via one of the usb ports?

However, when I was done my camera usb no longer detects. Acer aspire one zg5 bluetooth Harper on June 4, 7: Thanks for your help.