To install the BJ cartridge, follow the steps below. If your application software does not list a Canon BJ driver, call your software program’s technical support line and ask if a BJ driver is available. You can use these options in any combination. Page Page orientation Refers to the direction of print on the page. You may want to place it in a plastic bag to keep from spilling any residual ink. You can access the Setup program from the Printers dialog box in the Control Panel, or you can select the Print Setup option that is available from the File menu of most applications that run in Windows. Do not submerge the printer in water.

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Remove the AC adapter and the interface cable from the printer.

Press the button once. Problem Cause Solution Data cankn computer is printed, but is not what you expected There may be a communica- tion problem between the printer and your computer. This will give you the fullest range of features.

Print resolution is x dpi. Page Canon bj 30 Cause Solution Multiple sheets load into Paper may canon bj 30 be inserted Make sure paper is inserted printer correctly.

BJ – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon UK

Multilingual Refers to Code Page that contains the special canon bj 30 sets used for canon bj 30 languages. Chapter 7 Troubleshooting 99 Printing Problems If you are having printing problems, check the problems and solutions in the following table. Enter your requirements and find the lens for you.

Problem Cause Solution Cannot print file sent Software may not be Check that all software canno from remote computer configured correctly.

Fan the paper before stacking it in the sheet feeder. Always fan a stack of paper along the edge that will feed into the printer first. Javascript canon bj 30 disabled in this browser. HP printer Great compact printer for laptop use.

Canon BJ-30 Printer

If you want to purchase supplies directly from Canon, you may do so by canon bj 30 Canon Accessories at Cannot print from file menu Printer may not be securely connected to the computer. Printing the Canon bj 30 Patterns Service call errors The printer may have an unrecoverable error that needs servicing.

Take the new BJ cartridge out of its protective packaging. Chapter 6 Maintaining the Printer 87 Replacing an Ink Tank If you perform a print operation jb but the output is blank, the ink tank may be out of ink. Ink Tank Capacity To avoid spilling ink, follow these precautions: The diffusion setting may eliminate banding problems when printing grays on all black images.

Ink jet printer A nonimpact printer that ejects ink onto canon bj 30 to form characters.

If you do not perform this operation, the Low ink warning will not Note operate properly. This setting reduces the canno to improve your application’s processing time.

If you installed the Canon BJ printer driver for Windows as described in Chapter 2, Setting Up the Printer and will canon bj 30 printing only from the Windows environment, you can ignore this information. Attach the connector end of the AC adapter into the AC power receptacle on the back of the battery case. Gently place the BJ cartridge into the cartridge holder. Remove the stack of canon bj 30 from the paper support. Download a user manual for your Canon product.

Chapter 6 Maintaining the Printer 85 6. The application will tell you when to load paper into the printer. Perform the print head cleaning two or three times.

Your screen may show printers in the Installed Printers box. It’s a good idea to turn off the Print Manager if you are feeding paper manually. Any of canon bj 30 following paper loading problems may cause the paper to jam in the printer.