He said he owned many converters and that was the “only one” worth owning. I’d forgotten about it. What I need is an analog to digital converter that passes, literally, anything through and keeps going – even if it’s a broken image or a munched tape or rough stops and starts on the source tape. I found it to be a problem functionally impossible to work with, otherwise I would still be using that. You can use the ADVC without having to run any setup or change the features of the completed files. Canopus did that, and nobody else.

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Originally Posted by Cznopus John I naively started encoding these tapes using a miniDV camcorder with analog ins and DV out, but I found out quickly that every time there is a glitch in the tape, the canopus advc 300 digital signal freezes up the image, or the audio no longer syncs with the video, etc. So you have no idea what’s going on.

Canopus ADVC Converter | eBay

I don’t think you will be able to import. I posted canopus advc 300 question two years ago and one person who responded recommended the ADVC – which at that time was already long out of production. Eats up every possible glitch and outputs one clean signal? You retain control of how you want your converted files to look canopus advc 300 sound.

This Canopus video software is easy to use asvc if you have never converted VHS tapes to a video disk. ccanopus

Canopus ADVC Specs – CNET

The ADVC came highly canopus advc 300 after trying several cheaper capture devices. The preview feature allows you to capture screenshots and perform small edits of any kind. Are you willing to ditch the Mac for capture tasks in order to get better video quality?

QuickTime Player 10 does not require timecode for import so Neil G’s suggestion of using this for 3300 sounds worth a try and like him have heard that QT may be more tolerant to drop outs. The canopus advc 300 a mixed bag.

It’s passable quality, nothing special, nothing excellent. I think your suggested would do canopus advc 300 better job than a at sorting out unstable Hi-8 analogue. Mac software iMovie, even FCP doesn’t report that as it should. TBC built in makes this a winner. All times are GMT Thanks for the replies, guys. Editing comes in two or three years from now.

Does it have a reputation and is it worth using so as to get canopus advc 300 buying a ADVC?

canopus advc 300 If the ADVC is not the perfect solution, as was stated elsewhere on this forum and which is getting hard to find anyway No, definitely not interested in buying a new computer system for this project. The junk I can edit out later Regarding the quality of of a converter to that of a camcorder, I believe there will be canopus advc 300 if any difference.

In its case, it has actual TBC ability, and is the best option for tapes with tearing.

Canopus ADVC 300 Converter

I was canopus advc 300 for a analog to digital converter that would smooth over the many glitches on my Hi8 tapes, and apparently at the consumer caopus, no such converter exists. How to save entire 2-hr analog videos for later editing? Check any site with user reviews or forums for complaints, for example Newegg. IMO opinion there are canopus advc 300 number of factors that may be adding to your situation.

Thanks for adding your thoughts, msgohan. The TBC will randomly freeze on frames, with catastrophic effects on capturing and even sync.

Posted on Mar 17, 4: Hi-8 stuff will most likely be quite old and may not have been stored in a tape friendly way. Read full review Verified canopus advc 300 But video isn’t one of them.