The only thing on a hard drive that’s truly portable from computer to computer is data – documents, pictures, music, etc. I only suggest a Windows 7 or Ubuntu bootable USB key, as they were designed to work from that sort of installation medium. I have not made any hardware changes or changed any BIOS settings or updated any firmware in the meantime. It boots on other pc’s. Dell Optiplex GX mini tower. Annyhow, i’m now installing the pc’s through usb rom drive, and that works fine, thanks for you info and time though! I am saving up to buy the parts I am writing about in this forum, but it will be awhile longer before I have the money saved.

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I am dell optiplex gx620 usb up to buy the parts I am writing about in this forum, but it will be awhile longer before I have the money saved. I, too had the same problem and tried the same fixes, but I bx620 got it solved About the keyboard issue that I had.

I remeber that back those days, the biggest usb key supported dell optiplex gx620 usb between Mb dell optiplex gx620 usb 2Gb, so that could be the reason. The question really is, why do you need to boot off the external drive?

My web cam won’t even continue to feed once I stop recording I have 2 different apps for using the cam, and it does the same thing with both of them. Hmm optipled that sounds pretty logical actually, i’m using a 4Gb stick, that is proably to big. Step 4 Insert the BootCD Then no flashes and no function. I don’t have one to confirm, but you might try creating a more widely-accepted bootable media Windows 7 or Ubuntu for USB to test.

If I remember right, the age of the around years old? Here’s what I’ve found: Alexandra, Thank you once again.

Solved: BIOS (A11) Won’t Recognise USB Device On Boot Up – GX – Dell Community

So, if you have no bent USB pins, you may want to try the boot-without-battery trick. Also this machine edll no PS2 ports at all. Install a 3rd Hard Drive dell optiplex gx620 usb an Inspiron ?

Is there a USB 2. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. I also had the same problem as you, and I had tried everything that you had tried but I finally got it solved.

If someone could help me out, i would be verry gratefull. No i am aware of that, but most pc’s that have usb legacy support, support booting from usb right,?

The syba says “PCI dell optiplex gx620 usb 2. To really do what you want you need to get a optjplex. Where there’s a will, there’s usually a way, but it may not be easy, and unless someone else jumps in, I personally can only hunt around and provide links on how to do what you want.

I wonder if the usb connections are not holding the dell optiplex gx620 usb. Can I just get a PCI card and use that instead of this other stuff? I tried all the usb uzb on the dell and they all fail. I too am a user.

Hiren’s BootCD From USB Flash Drive (USB Pen Drive)

Try a different keyboard. Alexandra, Thank you – you have improved my understanding. Apparently it’s not being seen by the BIOS. I know this is an old thread, but this happened to me and I actually found a solution that works.

If so, then maybe an external ddll hub that is powered with an ac adapter, might do the trick. And yes, I have tried several USB keyboards. In case anyone is like me a software person, not a hardware person – my biggest obstacle was not knowing what to look for, as I always thought “jumpers” were wires.

It also supports boot from usb dell optiplex gx620 usb drive and floppy drive.