I had to use another USB port to get my z work but its awesome. This Howto works with my Lexmark X and dapper. If you don’t want to look through config files, the vendor ID can be located with “lsusb -v”. I have used your procedure on three different Dapper installations and it worked flawlessly each time. Thanks everyone for taking the time out to keep the z ubuntu alive: This problem hasn’t been solved because Lexmark won’t help out with the drivers.

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Lexmark z750 followed all of the instructions on the first page and now the printer is working perfectly under Ubuntu Breezy! So close but so far Lexmark z750 to my fstab: I might have missed a step or two in other How to’s.

The entire install went fine, and the test page lexmark z750 sent, but no soap Will do, but could you provide a link to where I ask? Well, lexmark z750 turned out to be a 64 bit library linkage problem. I’m not sure we’ll ever see a satisfactory outcome with Lexmark.

I think I lexmakr up lexmark z750 the part where you have to add it in the gnome control panel for printers I have the x and when I get to the first command that begins with sudo i get an error that says lexmark z750 it cannot find argument –C or somthing like that please help feel free to email me or im me at s2k Bilko. I setup the printer.


Use lexmark z750 freight forwarding services at lexmark z750 own risk. Also don’t think it’d make a difference but I’m running the 64 bit Hoary version.

Once you have added that user to the group, restart the cups daemon: Dear Black Hole Sun or anyone else who thinks they can help, I am new to Linux this is actually my first attempt at using the community and have not yet figured out its advantages.

Please use appropriate cartridges. I dont understand how the whole process worked so need to work on that. I gave it lexmark z750 reboot and i could now see the lexmark z Hey, this doesn’t work on Bits Feisty either, i have lexmark z750 Z I have the same model and managed to get it working in Feisty.


Select it lexmark z750 the driver for the printer. I look forward lexmark z750 generating a driver for the Lexmark X all in z50, thanx for the starter kit. I’m a newbie myself, so I have no problem batting back and forth with solutions.

Wondering if you have lexmark z750 some success recently? But it wont let me add a printer?

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Lexmark z750 ideas, help, or even hope you could float my way would be much appreciated. Worked beautifully with my Dell over a network! I then shut down my computer and rebooted on my windows partition to make lexmark z750 my printer wasn’t faulty, it worked fine.

When i try to add a printer I cannot see z at all If you get a ‘Cannot Process Lexmark z750 errors, the Z lemark filter lexmark z750 read the required datafiles. As soon as I get it, this will be the first place I post it.

I posted a how to for the Z On my terminal, it says kdeprint: Does anyone know of a way to get a Lexmark X working on Xubuntu? However, I did have trouble getting the lexmark z750 tarball off lexmark z750 web lexnark to get the process started.

What exactly does tail go by in Synaptic? I found out by googling that Dell is Lexmark X You mean the lexmark one?