I just never felt comfortable swinging the thing at all. This page was last updated: Sumo 2 Left — Sumo Right. The only thing is if you swing extremely fast the club will float due to design. My knees wobbled side to side not posting my left leg on my follow through body turn. Tour issue No serial Tiger Woods old specs 8. But does it perform.

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Displaying star reviews Show all. I rented a set of Nike golf clubs and the Sumo2 was in the bag. Sike SasQuath Sumo2 Driver is my favorite! An oversize, cc club head nike sq sumo 5300 square Beta titanium face for higher initial ball velocity and larger sweet spot for increased distance and improved forgiveness.

I have been such a slacker on The Deep Rough the past year. Put in a shaft that worked well for me, nke would be a wonderful driver. Previous clubs owned and own.

The impact noise imagine hitting the roof of a Robin Reliant with a baking tray takes a bit of getting used to — for you and your partners — but the results more than make up for that inconvenience. Shop the large inventory of golf clubs from brands like Nike golf! Nike makes good solid golf clubs, good nike sq sumo 5300 square for your money It does hit it straight, but for the better player it is a little hard to shape.


The forgiveness of the head was great and emphasised by the fact you can easily hit this nike sq sumo 5300 square off the deck and get similar distance to a normal drive, which into the wind you would probably need to do anyway.

Potentially this should allow you to save strokes throughout the round and the consistency of your drives is plentiful compensation for the slight distance lost.

Also shop in Also shop in. I don’t hit the ball real long, all of my friends do, this club has added 15 to 20 yards to my drive, and the best part, is that I nike sq sumo 5300 square to have a BIG BANANA slice to the right, so nike sq sumo 5300 square that my friends said that my ball would make a u-turn and start coming back to me. This club has a nike sq sumo 5300 square This driver goes longer, and straighter than any other driver I have ever hit, the last 2 rounds I have played since getting it, I have yet to miss a fairway, i’m not talking just off the fairway in the rough, I’m talking 5 yards one way or the other of the midd le of the fairway.

Grip is starting to lose its tack. It looks like a shoe on the end of stick in person. I recommend this club very highly! Loft options of 8. So far the drives with the Nike SQ SUMO are intense, the launch angle is rather aggressive consistently rising to the peak height and smoothly coming down. My knees wobbled side to side not posting my left leg on my follow through body turn. Which is the better of the two?

Nike SQ Sumo2 Driver Review – Golfalot

Nike SQ SasQuatch 9. Club is in niks condition see pictures. I like this style of golf club with the square head,I seem to keep the ball in play with it. To get your game off on the right nike sq sumo 5300 square, using what the professionals use, selecting a Nike SQ driver may just be the key to a winning game.

We both immediately noticed that the majority of off center hits went considerably straight, as in one that went right slowly pulled left and back on track. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

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Of course sqjare need to hit the ball correctly but this club clearly will give you confidence which means a nike sq sumo 5300 square. I just never felt comfortable swinging the thing at all.

It goes relatively straight even with purposely bad swings. Would you mind if i put that into our reviews section? The driver is very straight.