I was happy to see that, unlike the P60, the S comes with a rechargeable battery, which lasted through several weeks of prolonged use. Vivid view large image. Additionally, the S features a Pastel Mode, which produces images with a beautiful watercolor effect. The Nikon Coolpix S Digital Camera packs high performance and advanced functions into an ultra-compact body. At first glance, the S looks straightforward.

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I suppose it doesn’t matter that it takes multiple presses to access these options, since most of them are of little use. In total, this just makes for a less nijon, occasionally frustrating user experience. Control placement was good, I liked the Nikon S’s new design of the top shutter and power buttons with their tapered edges, and the rear buttons gave a nice, firm click when pressed.

In nikon coolpix s600 indoor shot, designed to test a camera’s abilities with common indoor light sources, the Nikon Coolpix S produced moderate to nikon coolpix s600 noise even at its lower sensitivity settings, with visible image noise obscuring fine detail already at Nikon coolpix s600 Pastel view large image.

At lower ISOs, andhowever, the images weren’t bad; grain doesn’t s60 start to become a problem until ISO coplpix definitely not bad for a camera of this nikon coolpix s600.

The internal memory will hold about nine full resolution images, which is a paltry amount. Telephoto view large image.

Nikon Coolpix S Review & Rating |

Noise suppression blurs detail even at lowest ISO setting High ISO blurs fine detail and creates an unpleasant purple color cast at 3, Limited low-light capabilities without the flash Flash doesn’t throttle down in Macro mode High barrel distortion at wide angle Moderate chromatic aberration Oversaturates reds significantly Edge enhancement nikon coolpix s600 halos around contrasting edges High contrast in harsh lighting Uneven flash coverage at wide angle EV adjustment doesn’t affect flash exposure Flash was insufficient at nikon coolpix s600, even at only 6 feet Lowest ISO printed results were better at 8×10, when most cameras can produce sharp 11xinch prints, rather than the soft ones the Nikon S produced Below average battery life.

Noise performance could be better, and the camera’s images sharper, but results are reasonable considering the camera’s price nikon coolpix s600 and compact size.

The camera also records images in the Nikon D-Lighting The Nikon D-Lighting feature can rescue underexposed images or shots taken with too much backlight by automatically creating a copy of the image, then brightening the dark areas in the picture, while the well-exposed areas are left completely untouched.

On their own they looked fine, but the difference was apparent nikon coolpix s600 I compared them with images captured by the Casio Exilim EX-Z9a top performer on daylight bikon. In the lab, daylight shots came out a bit dark, with muted color and slight purple fringing.

More From Nicole Laptops with Style. There’s also a Voice Recording mode, for recording audio files for jikon long as there is available memory space. The Bad Annoying interface conventions; slow shot-to-shot coolpic.

In Active Child nikon coolpix s600, for example, the camera employs a nikon coolpix s600 shutter speed and disables the flash though you can re-enable it to freeze a running child, while Museum mode uses a slower shutter speed and higher sensitivity setting for natural-looking indoor scenes where a flash is not allowed.

However, as with most LCD monitors with a shiny surface, reflections do make it a little more difficult to see tiny details in the frame, and I found I needed to shield the nikob with my hand to more accurately see what I had in the frame. A separate AC adaptor is available as an optional accessory, and nikon coolpix s600 be useful for more time niokn tasks like downloading images or utilizing the camera’s Playback editing functions.

Sadly, the S diminishes this advantage with its poor recycle time: S vs SX HS.

Nikon Coolpix S600

a600 Once you get used to making mode changes through the virtual dial, overall camera operation is simple. It captures good-looking images under a variety of conditions, indoors or out, nikon coolpix s600 good results from its post-capture image correction tools as well. Black and Nikon coolpix s600 view large image. So while on a typical competing snapshot camera it takes two button presses to switch from ISO to ISOwith the S it takes five.

The camera then tracks and focuses on that moving subject as you shoot for faster, more reassuring operation with clearer results. Despite its coklpix and flawed-but-usable controls, the S’s operational flow just annoys the heck out nikon coolpix s600 me.

The Coolpix S has a bright, high resolution 2. Not Specified by Manufacturer.

nikon coolpix s600 As usual, I recommend that you eschew all nikon coolpix s600 fancy AF modes and instead use center AF, focus, and recompose. Control layout is simple and becomes quickly intuitive, with all controls residing along the right rear of the camera body or on the top. Sepia view large image. The S provides four AF area options: Sony’s follow-up to its NEX-6 laps the field with its 11fps burst and comfortable design.

Red-eye is commonly caused by the use of a built-in flash on a compact camera.