See all user reviews. Mirrorless viewfinders will get better It has worked and from a distance the shot looks great. This results in erratic and duplicated ISO settings. Easy Auto mode optimizes all camera settings for you so that you can concentrate on finding and taking the ideal picture.

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The Nikon Coolpix L16 is a compact aimed at the happy snapper that wants easy pictures without the messing around. I nikon l16 that the Coolpix S gave a slow shutter lag result and the L16 is the same. Interestingly, the glass is covered by two metal leaves which is what I commented that the Coolpix S needs. The natural setting is the default that the camera will always be set to when nikon l16 in auto mode.

Face-priority autofocus focuses on faces, not backgrounds; D-Lighting creates pleasing results by correcting strong shadows; and In-camera Red-eye Mikon corrects false eye color nkon to flash. The mono tones are nicely balanced and they’re really the only constant in this image. Despite this, there’s decent detail in the grass and trees and even on the lock nikon l16 the distance which is what’s confusing me nikon l16 regards to the aperture used.

This gives reasonable colour in all situations but if you go to a flower show for example, you may want to boost the colours of the flowers. The Nikon Coolpix L16 has different picture styles that change nikon l16 colour, saturation or contrast of the image to create a different effect on the picture.


A good result and better than some cameras in a higher class as this works out at roughly 2fps frames per second.

The camera has kept some detail in the hair and the skin tone is well balanced even after my reservations with the colour chart. MadKiwi and 3 others commented on this. Can’t access your account? We couldn’t find the price for this product.

Better catchlights have been added and more detail is obvious in the hair. Dedicated Shooting and Playback mode buttons on top of the camera body for nikon l16 operation and easy access.

Cookies nikon l16 us deliver our service. The left side of the face is on the verge nikon l16 uncomfortable over exposure.

I tried the same nikon l16 with a mikon manufacturer to ensure it wasn’t my reactions that were shot and the result was under 0. The easy auto mode could be a benefit if you have kids that want to try using a camera but you don’t want them to mess about with the menu systems or if you’ve never held a camera before and want to get used to taking pictures before finding out what resolution means.

The top plate nioon the power and shutter release buttons with the camera mode and playback nikon l16 on the edge of the top and back. Top nikon l16 Best Waterproof Cameras 4 Apr The nukon isn’t as saturated as I’d like and the skin tone is nikon l16.

Olympus focus clutch is a pain. The back of the camera retains the simplicity that we’ve seen on the front nikon l16 top plate with just the zoom rocker, menu, navigation pad and delete button as nikon l16 to press.

The portrait with flash. Interestingly in the vivid colour shot, the camera has got some of the information wrong as it has turned the clouds blue on the right of the frame.

Announced Jan 29, The continuous shooting burst nikon l16 gave a result of 21 images in ten seconds. Also a slight lack of detail in the petals is noticeable. This camera is available in silver and matte black.

COOLPIX L16 Digital Cameras Discontinued

You nikon l16 be a member to leave a comment. Different models have different styles and examples of the L16 are natural, vivid and sepia.

Nikon l16 you want that kind of freedom, you need to be in auto which can be chosen by pressing the mode button on the top of the camera. The portrait image has retained some good detail in the shadow area which is always nice to nikon l16 and natural catchlights are also visible. Join for Free Your total photography experience starts here.