First, he must decide whether he wants graphite shafts, steel shafts or a combination. So, which golf club shaft flex should you choose? This can hurt you on a wet golf course as the ball will not run. I don’t think flex and clubhead speed should really be anything more than a loose guide. A Regular shaft is used by golfers who hit the ball an average or farther than average length.

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What’s in the bag Driver: However, a female golfer with a lot of power in her swing might consider shatt a senior or even a regular shaft, if she finds that she is struggling with accuracy.

Information on Ping Golf Shafts. Tipping is more common with drivers and fairway metals, whose shafts are commonly made of graphite regular shaft vs stiff shaft longer than the steel shafts used in irons. Comparing Women’s Golf Clubs.

regular shaft vs stiff shaft Seeing as the Cobra you’re looking at doesn’t have the option of swapping shafts, you may need to test it out some more before making a decision.

Xtiff I go with the regular and cut it down, will that make it “stiffer”? A slice is caused by the club face being open to the swing path, not the flex of the shaft.

Regular vs Stiff for driver shaft

Whatever flex of shafts you choose, it’s important to build consistency. Many retailers have professional club fitters on their staffs who provide the service free of charge because it’s likely that you will purchase regular shaft vs stiff shaft set stifff their clubs. The further you hit the ball, the stiffer flex staff, the better, unless you have accuracy issues, like a slice.

Now that we understand the negative effects of a too-stiff shaft, let’s look at how to determine what flex might be right for your swing. I have started to transition regular shaft vs stiff shaft swing to a more relaxed controlled swing smooth over my mph average swing speed.

That’s regular shaft vs stiff shaft the shaft provides the power that is transferred to the clubhead and ultimately to the golf ball. It would really be a bummer if I fixed my swing with the regular and then moved up to the stiff and rrgular to start all over. In this case, the stiffer flex gives you less room for error.

The result is a shot that produces saft much spin, and the golf ball will travel in many different directions. A club moving at that speed is fast enough to deliver distance, and the stiffer shaft helps with accuracy. He also will measure you regu,ar the shafts you buy are the proper length.

Flex is the amount that the shaft will bend when it is swung. Post your Arccos rounds!

You spend a bunch of money now trying to find a magic club and as soon as you get your swing fixed you now have a club that doesn’t match your swing.

You got a bunch of horsesh!

Your Golf Club Shaft is Too Stiff

I actually tell myself “Nice and smooth” on the takeaway with the softer flex and “Kill it” when I have the x-stiff in there yes, silly, I know. Ideally, you’d want to use the softest flex you can get away with. All times are GMT But usually fitting into stiff every time i buy clubs.

regular shaft vs stiff shaft

You might even consider going with one of the more flexible options. Once you answer that question, use the information below to begin selecting shaft flex.

Should I use regular or stiff shafts in my golf clubs?

Video of the Day. Experiment with different shaft flexes for the driver, fairway metals and irons to see which produces the most consistency. Shorter shafts have regular shaft vs stiff shaft stiffer flex, so tipping a shaft, or cutting up to an inch off the clubhead end to a custom regukar, can slightly change the shaft’s flex. Signing up is freeand you’ll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts!

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You get to try it when, where, and how you want for two weeks before deciding if you want to buy it or not.