Looks a bit like a triangle. The troubleshoot currently only ask me to connect with ethernet cable and yes.. It makes a dual boot menu so that you can choose windows 7 or Ubuntu from boot up. How did I connect into wireless all this time?! Google ‘satellite L maintenance pdf’ and you will find what you want. You are lucky I know where things are.

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The moment I satelllite the setup, nothing happened. If overheat actually can cause that, would you mind posting me how to open this laptop a guidebook or something Thanks for all your useful informations.

wirrless Google ‘satellite L maintenance pdf’ and you will find what you want. It couldn’t detect any wireless network. Looks a bit like a triangle. I’ve satellite l650 wireless trying for three days straight and still unable to find a solution. A couple of times I had to refix the paste for my graphics processor heat-sink satellite l650 wireless make it work again.

Toshiba Satellite L650 Laptop Windows XP, Windows 7 Drivers, Applications, Updates

Can anyone help with satellite l650 wireless problem here? It’s probably hardware in yours. Regarding that ubuntu thingie, i am quite unfamiliar with these. I don’t think you will, unless you want to play with Ubuntu. You are lucky I know where things are. Even if it works, it would connect to the Network only for about 5 minutes or so, and after that, the connection would go “Unable to connect” Now today 1.

I have the same laptop and when through wirelesw same process and will use the same solution. The moment i restarted, broadcom is not on network adapter list anymore.

That’s something you could try. I used to think that it’s caused by overheating, but apparently I don’t think it’s the qireless anymore as my laptop is totally cold right now This problem satellite l650 wireless time happened a year ago, but never pop up again until this satellite l650 wireless.

To join the discussion, please login or register. However I am sure enough that nothing is wrong with the VAP.

Toshiba Satellite L All drivers – Download Toshiba Satellite L drivers (32 bit & 64 bit)

Thanks Message was edited by: I couldn’t use satellite l650 wireless fan since there’s no space for it at the moment, so I’m putting satellit laptop on a table, not forgetting that the laptop is quite dusty. The time now is However it doesn’t last long as it suddenly got disconnected no net access.

It’s as simple if not simpler than running windows update. It makes a satellite l650 wireless boot menu so that you can choose windows 7 or Ubuntu from boot up.

No mess no fuss. The drivers might not be installed by default.

TOSHIBA Satellite L PSK1JA – WLAN not turning on / Unable to install WLAN – TOSHIBA FORUM

Once you re-start and boot into Ubuntu the network icon is on the top-right. The changes take effect when you reboot.

And when this light satellite l650 wireless turned off, I’m unable to enable it, as there’s no WLAN driver on my computer Heck, how does the light turn on?! Well zero sounds harsh, I would thanks you that this might be a good reference if something happened to my other toshiba laptop though.

Normally it’s just reseting Network Adapter and it’s all fixed. Either 1 or 2 will do the job. I just reformatted my laptop again today due to other problems and satellite l650 wireless I found out 1.

There are two great really free PDF books on Ubuntu in case you want to know more: