It would be nice if you could put it into a low-power state like at nig ht or when not in use. As soon as I opened up the web browser I realized the phone is on Chine firmware after it took me immediately to Hong Kong’s Google. The one I got I was unable to use the play store so I didn’t have long as I returned it Verified purchase: I couldn’t be happier. It has a tinny, shrill sound that made taking hands-free calls unpleasant, and was a total non-starter for music. Since then we’ve seen the likes of the Droid family, Google’s Nexus One , and the powerhouses that are the Samsung Galaxy S line — to name a few. The stock Android music and video players do the job, but they’re a little confusing.

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Retrieved 28 January Around back is the 5 megapixel camera’s lens alongside an LED flash.

How to Tell if You’re a Tech Addict. Nothing a call to T-Mobile customer service won’t most likely fix and if not it’s still a great deal.

T-Mobile G2 Touch

This may be the reason for my data settings not working right out of the mbile. Bottom Line The follow-up to the very first Google phone, the T-Mobile G2 is a jobile smartphone with a great keyboard and a hefty portion of pre-loaded Google services.

Software Time for the tough truth: Advertisements in NHL locations such as the Scotiabank Place include a boutique where the phone can be purchased, a lighted display t mobile g2 near big screen TVs, and even most elevator doors featured the smartphone. You’ll have to get the phone on a charger come nighttime, but for us that was pretty late in the day and we’d only just tapped orange on the t mobile g2 icon.

t mobile g2 I couldn’t be happier. Read full review Verified purchase: In my tests, Google Maps looked great and the GPS locked in quickly, whether using cell towers or satellites.

Transmissions through both mics mobjle through clearly, albeit with a bit of background noise. You’ve t mobile g2 the standard Android hard touch buttons here, and we can attest to much better tracking on these than with the Nexus One.

T-Mobile G2 Review & Rating |

The relatively standard UI means the G2 will probably get updates more quickly than more-heavily-customized phones like the Samsung Vibrant. So is t mobile g2 G2 the sum of its parts — the pure Android experience you’ve been waiting for — or does it fall short of the hype? Conclusions Here’s an easy proclamation: Retrieved 23 November This phone is better than T mobile g2 remembered it in It’s not exactly rugged, but it looks like it means business. The overall design is reminiscent of the Nexus One, though more squared off and stately.

T-Mobile G2 review

As we said previously, the screen washes out in direct sunlight, making it difficult to properly frame shots. About t mobile g2 product Product Information Enjoy endless possibilities right in the palm of your hand with this T-Mobile G2. It makes the t mobile g2 for our list of The 10 Best Phones with Keyboards. Movie watching quality is surprisingly good and the phone’s browser is fast.

As soon as I opened up the web browser I realized the phone monile on Chine firmware after it took me immediately to Hong Kong’s Google.

T-Mobile G2 review

The phone paired very quickly with an Aliph Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset and even triggered Google’s quite comprehensive voice command suite with Bluetooth, which is a rare find on an Android phone. The G2 camera interface is stock Froyo and is shared with t mobile g2 Nexus T mobile g2. The G2 is the best smartphone with a keyboard on T-Mobile. If you like landscape keyboards, it’ll be tough to find a superior choice.

t mobile g2 The phone feels higher end than a lot of previous H devices, with little touches like a standalone release t mobile g2 for the battery cover. Now a lot of fuss has been made about this hinge design, and we can tell you that the reports are mostly true. I’ve owned it before and bought it again.

The screen slides with a powerful, guillotine-like snap to reveal a sweet four-row QWERTY keyboard, with a large space bar. I knew this was a google phone but still somewhat irritated how much I have to subscribe to the google lifestyle just to get certain things to work Android market, contacts, etc. This shouldn’t make a huge difference t mobile g2 your buying decision, and a lot of those undeletable Google apps are quite fun, but this will probably have some geeks up in arms.

I bought this phone because I was looking for a cheaper smartphone t mobile g2 still had alot of bells and whistles 4G, slideout, etc.