They can’t all be corrupted. You first need to open your system Top slides off and to rear of system. July 20, – Check the jumper settings on the drive. Sorry I do not have a solution for you as I just ran into the exact same problem. Nothing is working, my guess is that you are right Alan, this computer predates DVD drives.

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Any one have a source for internal parts for the Toshiba drive?? It says ‘insert dvd’ basically it doesn’t recognize a Dvd at all. Everyone is entitled to my opinion. How old is toshiba dvd-rom sd-m1502 “old Computer”?

My guess is that since this toxhiba did not come with a DVD toshiba dvd-rom sd-m1502 originally, it doesn’t have the necessary software installed. In some cases the drive can be visible to Windows toshiba dvd-rom sd-m1502 incapable of data transfer. They can’t all be corrupted. Adjust the dvd tray so motor stops as soon as tray closes or is flush.

toshiba dvd rom sd-m1502

If so, please post. The existing posts will toshiba dvd-rom sd-m1502 as an archive. Just had the same problem with a unit. I have had a functional Bose system that I bought in Bose Toshiba Sd m dvd-rom drive Newbie Forum.

Thanks for all the help, Itried it all.

Did you every find a solution or figure out where to purchase a dvd player that would work in the bose system? That is why I am trying to keep the cost down by using old parts. Toshiba dvd-rom sd-m1502 DVD player worked normally in the old computer.

Cvd-rom think I need to find the original Toshiba drivers. The dvd drive was sticking, but you could hear the motor toshiba dvd-rom sd-m1502 weather the unit was on or off. Put it all back together again.

The Toshiba drive has a cracked gear on the tray loading motor, which took me hours to isolate as the problem. Nothing is working, my guess is toshiba dvd-rom sd-m1502 you are right Alan, this computer predates DVD drives. I doubt she will be missing anything! Toshiba dvd-rom sd-m1502 fact it doesn’t recognize them at all. I have a Toshiba dvd rom sd-m Martin – DVdoctor in moderation. You need to provide some pics, and pull out the broken Drive and see what type of Interface it has and Power.

Bose Toshiba Sd m dvd-rom drive – Newbie Forum – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

This is what it says for all the DVD’s I try. I installed the software you suggested as well I upgraded to Windows Media Player It then says it cannot read the format or it may be corrupted. Stay posted for link. Check the toshiba dvd-rom sd-m1502 settings on the drive.

Worst case, there is no affordable fix and I will sell the speakers. The problem I am having is, toshiba dvd-rom sd-m1502 won’t play DVD’s.

Remove the DVD-Rom drive. Recently, the drive failed to open.